Arousal Addiction

by The Francesco Fonte Band

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'Arousal Addiction' the new EP of
The Francesco Fonte Band 2013 edited by Torturett and Son Of Flies webzine


released November 16, 2013

Painting and layout by Christian Montagna of Son Of Flies webzine.

Review + Interview by Cat On The Wall webzine

Francesco Fonte Band

Progressive Rock band formed in 2011 and based in London.
Their releases are the debut album Blue Omens in August 2011 and the new EP 'Arousal Addiction' in November 2013, edited by Torturett (UK) and Son Of Flies webzine (ITA).
In 2013/14 the band performed just in London more than twenty successful lives in the most known venues and sites of the metropolis with numerous airplays from radios like KtoK radio, Virgin Radio Classic Rock and BCfm-Bristol. They had a good impact and reviews from webzines and magazines all around Europe. The trio is now recording a new album, release TBC soon.

Francesco Fonte - vocal and guitar
Wayne Casserly - drums
Douglas Wheeler - bass guitar

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The Francesco Fonte Band London, UK

'Arousal Addiction' the new Ep of The Francesco Fonte Band

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Track Name: Greetings From The Lizard King
Greetings From The Lizard King

I awoke on the artificial harp sound
I didn't really know were
between dreams my slave's mind over my dawn
up the stairs
up to ruin my time once again

the painting dropped down the stairs
the edges the picture out of the frame
... and the message was clear

no one can take away your life
skip roles and constrains
get off the nail
get down the stairs
off the frame and break the glass
keep the flame strong and high
keep it burning till the end
Track Name: Arousal Addiction
Arousal Addiction

charming and glamorous world

in a journey forth
the sham globe

left on senseless games

washed by the virtual storms

not humans anymore

Screen slaves

Indoor sex
easier on blogs

play pool
no stick no balls

write your thoughts
make it a post

type your lack
down the gloomy fall

Hacked minds
trapped in mental aims

lost in fake displayed places

fading inside
just imaging their life

you are vanishing down this genocide
as far you get your orgasmic day
Track Name: Stephanie

Show me the way to the sun again
i lost my self down the hell game

I know the sunshine is an illusion frame
I feel you on my skin anytime i paint
this warm hug from the sum rain
calling your name i taste the moonlight ray

I have no time to write down my days
around me the mess is taking place

All have to change and washed away by the sum rain
nothing we can do just watching us slaves in pain

i need some love now and that's when comes to your harms
I need you to suck me into the save love shade

calling your name under the sum rain
calling your name i taste the moonlight ray
show me the way to the sun again
your crowned eyes i know are the save love shade
Track Name: Time Weapon
Time Weapon 

Born and abused
use to produce
survived and alive  
in the dark for a ride

the horse is blind
but knows the way
the way to the blame
the blame of this damed game

live and forgive
smile to your tires
sleep less
take the stress
circle of number
the start is the end

they rush you to die
please  live this place
cause now is time  

Time is unreal
It never exist
We are living this place
out of our mind
they bought our life
they are killing in the time
time like a bullet
shot in your mind
on and on in your life
Track Name: Blue Seagull
Blue Seagull

I'm looking at the sea
my boat is sailing the sky
there is no wind
no waves
that can stop me now

the exploits of my life
are now my loves stars
please keep my smile and my memories
high and over the time

I'm between the sun and moon
and my glance trough the wind everywhere
i'm now walking on the stigma of the unknown god

to the lonely faces and the ghosts
my screaming are the sunshine
i never die and my boat has the name
of the reason of my days

my boat is Valantine